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Realm Royale Esports Coming Soon


                                     Photo Credit: Hi-Rez Studios

Realm Royale — one of the newest games to the Battle Royale scene — has recently announced its own branch of Esports in the form of weekly tournaments, the first of which starts tomorrow at 3 PM EDT.

Dubbed the Realm Royale Invitational, these Realm Royale tournaments are hosted weekly on two days: Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesday, the tournaments will be hosted by Skillshot Media, in which Masters-ranked players, popular community influences, and Realm Royale streamers will be invited. A total of 30 duos from both NA and EU will battle it out in a total of 10 games, and to make things fair, 5 will be hosted on NA servers, while the other 5 will be hosted on EU servers.

The scoring system is quite unique for an Esports tournament, as it follows the concept of golf — the less points, the better. How does it work? Teams will receive positive points based on their placement in each match, while each elimination within the games will earn the respective team a negative point.

Thursdays’ tournaments will be hosted by community figure Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem, which follows the same format as that of the Wednesday tournaments. Just recently in July, KEEMSTAR also tweeted out a suggestive message that he would host a $100,000 Realm Royale tournament, but whether he was referring to the Realm Royale Invitational is not clear.

For those who want a chance to participate, players are encouraged to stream Realm Royale consistently, while also climbing the in-game rankings to reach the top of the leaderboards. As for those who want to watch all the action, all of these tournaments will be streamed live on the Realm Royale Twitch Channel and Mixer, along with all the tournament participants’ own Twitch channels. So don’t miss out, Realm Royale tournaments start tomorrow at 3 PM EDT.

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