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Fallout 76 Teased at the Beginning of Fallout 4

An eagle-eyed fan caught a Fallout 76 easter egg tease at the beginning of Fallout 4. This just confirms that the former indeed started development before the latter’s release.  

In a Reddit post published by Star_Belenski, he showed a screenshot from the beginning of Fallout 4 which mentioned Vault 76. If some of you remember, a television program was playing in the background which shows the debut of Vault 76 in honor of America’s 300th anniversary.

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“Since debuting Vault 76 last year,” the news reported. “In honor of America’s Tercentenary, Vault-Tec continues to expand with plans for well over 100 Vaults around the country.”

The news was then disrupted when the nuclear bombing started, prompting the character to evacuate to Vault 111 with the family.

This is one of the few other clues noted by Fallout fans which point details about the upcoming, post-apocalyptic multiplayer video game. Another hint was that of a terminal found in Fallout 3 which identifies Vault 76’s location in the surrounding area of Washington D.C.

Details also confirmed that Vault 76 is meant to be a “control” Vault, which means no experimentation was done to its inhabitants or dwellers unlike the other countless vaults featured in the game series. Aside from Vault 76, there are only two control vaults featured in the game: Vault 3 and Vault 8.

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Vault 76 is also said to have housed 500 people and was scheduled to reopen two decades after it shut its doors to the outside world. The game Fallout 76 will take place in 2102, five years after the former event.

Fallout 76 is said to follow the story of a dweller sent on a quest by the vault’s Overseer, following the celebration of Reclamation Day. The game is set to be released on November 14, 2018, for Microsoft Windows PCs, gaming laptops, PlayStation 4, and XBox One.

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