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Overwatch New Hero is a Hamster Named Hammond

Overwatch Wrecking Ball Hammond In A Gaming PC

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Blizzard finally reveals the Hero 28 for Overwatch as a cute and chubby hamster named Hammond. The reveal was then followed with the new hero being released on the Public Test Realm with an in-game name of Wrecking Ball, showcasing his full suite of abilities.

In his origin story, Hammond is a sentient Hamster that was on the Horizon Lunar Colony — animals that were given with genetic therapy, resulting in exceptional growth in physical size and brain function. When the apes at the laboratory started an uprising against the scientists, Hammond attached his escaped pod with Winston’s and traveled to Earth. Now free to roam and do everything he pleases, Hammond explores the world to find new adventures along the way.

Let’s check out his abilities as featured in the PTR:

Quad Cannons

Quad Cannons Skill Seen in Gaming PCs

Quad Cannons are Hammond’s automatic assault weapons with 80 rounds per clip and takes 1.8 seconds to reload. He can headshot his enemy using these weapons.


Roll Skill in Gaming Laptop

Hammond’s mecha transforms into a ball, increasing his maximum movement speed.

Grappling Claw

Grappling Claw

Hammond launches a grappling claw to rapidly swing around the area, which enables high-speed collisions that damages and knockback enemies.

Adaptive Shield

Adaptive Shield

Hammond creates a temporary personal shield which lasts for 7 seconds. Its +100 shield points increase when more enemies are nearby.



Hammond’s Wrecking Ball slams into the ground below, damaging nearby enemies and launching them upward.



Minefield is Hammond’s ultimate ability, which when executed allows him to lay out a massive field of mines which detonates when enemies come near them.


As stated above, Overwatch players can now try out Hammond’s abilities if they own Overwatch on their gaming PC. The PTR update which includes Hammond also features a few hero updates for McCree, Mei, Soldier: 76, Widowmaker, and Bastion.

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