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CyberpowerPC Extreme Gaming Series 2018 – Live Final Coming Soon

Over the course of 4 months, over 100 duo teams have battled it out in our CyberpowerPC Extreme Gaming Series 2018 Online Qualifiers. On July 17, competitors will play the last qualifier tournament, and the top 40 ranked teams will earn their chance to play in the live final. Held on September 1st at the LA County Fair, the live final gives the 40 qualifying teams a chance to grab 4 spots on the Pro CyberpowerPC PUBG team, along with one year paid contracts.

For those of you who still want to participate, it’s not too late! You can still join now through this link. That being said, lets dive deeper into the rules, point system, and current standings of the online qualifiers.


  • Registration does NOT guarantee a spot in the tournament — players must check in 30 minutes prior to the tournament’s start time to secure a spot
  • After checking in and at the start of the game, players will see a card with the custom match lobby name, password, and slot number on the right tab next to the bracket leaderboard
  • Do NOT share lobby passwords to non-tournament players
  • When joining the custom match using the password, move ONLY to the designated slot and do NOT move out of it
  • Competitors have ONLY 8 minutes to join the custom match, and the match will continue without players who do not join within the time frame
  • Technical Issues: players are responsible for their own internet connection/game and can rejoin after disconnection
  • Streaming is allowed, but must be done with at least a 8 minute delay. Also, when streaming the Battlefy tournament page cannot be shown, as the password and server name will be shown as well.
  • Tournament Format: Each tournament has a total of 250 duos (500 players) that check in. Those 250 duos will be split into 5 groups of 50 duos each (100 players), who will be randomly split up again every round to avoid the same matchups.
  • Maps: First game on Erangel, second on Miramar, third will be randomized


  • Each online tournament has a prize pool of $100, where the first, second, and third place winners will get $60, $30, $10 respectively.
  • There’ll  be a $100,000 grand prize for the winners of the live finals at the LA County Fair.

Game Points System

League Leaderboard Points System

Current Standings

  1. Sigil: Autzy + HyFiKz
  2. Rare Xcellence: DefiantCanuck + OPDarkick
  3. (PAN): Turkeyspiddle + ParTee
  4. Free agentz: Myst3ry- + waldoe-
  5. Doubt: Definelegit + ImBigK
  6. NOPE: nopnop + Mad_Ruski
  7. ProCalibre: Fowlincident + ThatSociopath
  8. Alacrity: Zohdyak + Diode_
  9. Possesion: Cruze + gizmak
  10. anonymous: PJRenegades + notadeveloper

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