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Bioware Confirms Anthem Players Can Have Multiple Freelancers in One Account

Bioware Confirms Anthem Players

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Bioware’s Anthem is swiftly becoming the most popular upcoming MMORPG game. With its outstanding graphics and exciting gameplay, the game may indeed be the next big thing after PUBG and Fortnite.

Anthem places the players in the role of Freelancers who don customized exo-suits called “Javelins.” These suits have unique weapons and give players superhuman abilities. Javelins allow them to explore a “contiguous open world” with four other players and face its dangers. During this year’s E3 conference, two classes of Javelins were shown in Bioware’s presentation: the Ranger and the Colossus. The Ranger is an all-around and well-balanced class, while the Colossus is a more massive and more heavily armored Javelin which is designed to fill the tank role.  The best part is that characters won’t be locked into single classes since the game allows the players to switch between different Javelins, each filling a tradition RPG class. And to top that, Bioware also confirmed that players can have several characters per account.

In a tweet posted by Anthem Executive Producer Mark Darrah, he confirmed to the fans that players will be allowed to have multiple Freelancers on the same account. He also said that there will be likely a limit to how many additional Freelancers a player can create, but he doesn’t know what that limit will

Anthem's Gameplay in Gaming Computer

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Bioware previously revealed that Anthem’s Javelin will be categorized into four classes, each one being unique through the upgrades the player will make to their skill trees. Each of those upgrades will also be distinct for each Javelin the Freelancer owns. Aside from that, the Freelancers or characters in the game will also have their own separate skill trees. Those associated upgrades will then carry over across their Javelins.

Each Javelin is said to have two weapon slots, two skill slots, and an ultimate ability. The game will also offer a lot of customizations options for the players.

Anthem will have both single-player and cooperative multiplayer elements, putting a team of four characters in a shared world. The team must then fight savage beasts and ruthless marauders while exploring lost ruins and surviving world-altering terrain occurrences such as the Shaper Storms.

The game will be released worldwide on February 22, 2019, for Microsoft Windows gaming computers, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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