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Bandai Reveals Jump Force, an All-Star Anime Crossover Game

Jump Force Revealed In A Gaming Laptop

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Move over Infinity Wars because Bandai Namco has revealed an all-star anime crossover fighting game titled “Jump Force.” The game will feature characters from favorite anime shows like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball and Death Note.

According to Bandai, Jump Force a very realistic illustration of something they have never done before. It was a huge challenge for the company which they have taken in part of celebrating their 50th anniversary.

During the E3 2018, we’re teased with a short video that shows us a bit of its gameplay and a few of its playable characters. Technically, Jump Force possessed the qualities of Tenkaichi games, bringing in a 3-on-3 tag fighting. Similar to other fighting games, players need to execute some combos which require some smashing and use quick dashes to get close to their opponent. Side to side dodges, reposition, and blocking is also important to prevent reducing your life bars.

The game’s combat system is quite simple in nature, but fans speculated that it will have more in-depth gameplay that wasn’t shown in the trailer. According to Bandai, players can tag their partners on a short cooldown which will extend their combos and deal massive damage for instance. Fully charged smash attacks, on the other hands, can shatter the defend of opponents who try to block everything. The developers also noted that players should also be mindful of their attack meter which governs three main special moves.

Another unique detail about Jump Force is that unlike other 3-on-3 tag fighting video game, it features a health bar which is shared by all of your team and theirs no regaining life even by tagging a new character. This gives a unique gaming experience to players who have been used to a new life bar after tagging a new character in the fight. The developers also said that players won’t be able to choose which character to tag in, the order in which the team is selected will be the indicating factor for tagging order. This means that matches will go down pretty quickly if the players don’t optimize the combos of their chosen characters within the limited combat time.

Jump Force Gameplay In A Gaming Laptop

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Unlike other Shonen Jump fighting games, Jump Force transported our favorite manga characters into the match with new designs. It will also feature some of the places existing in the anime shows that is featured in the game such as the God Tree from Naruto.

“I hope you sort of notice those aspects, where the real world stays, but you have things from the manga,” Koji Nakajima from Bandai said. “That’s how we sort of recreate the fused world together.”

Jump Force is set to be released for 2019 on Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops, XBox One, and PlayStation 4.

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