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Overwatch Updates Symmetra’s Abilities

Symmetra's Update On A Gaming Computer.

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Symmetra has always been a nice hero but was mostly ignored due to her odd disposition in the game. She was built as a support hero, but none of her abilities can heal. Yes, she can be helpful when cornering enemies and optimizing chokepoints, but she has little to offer when it comes to DPS. This is the reason why players had a hard time using her skills to the fullest and mastering her. But finally, Blizzard has heard our prayers and decided to update Symmetra’s skill set.

The update will turn Symmetra into a damage support hero. PC players were the first ones to test her new skills in the PTR. Some of her abilities were moved, while others were improved. But the overall changes will give Symmetra a much prominent role in the metagame.

Let’s check out some of her updated abilities:

Photon Barrier

Photon Barrier Skill of Symettra in a Gaming Computer.

Symmetra projects a protective moving barrier which absorbs damage from enemies as it moves forward.


This skill can now be able to hold off an entire defense or break the opponent team from trying to poke your team. A well-placed Photon Barrier can work great in protecting your team from long-ranged opponents such as Widowmaker. It can also be executed if you want to buy some time in a retreat.

Photon Projector

Photon Projector Skill

Symmetra uses her weapon to emit a short-ranged beam which homes in on an enemy, dealing continuous damage the longer it is connected. The weapon can also release a charged energy ball which can deal high damage.


The damage output of both its primary fire and secondary fire are increased. The immense damage from the charged energy ball is what makes her exceptional in close to medium ranged fights.

Sentry Turrets

Sentry Turrets

Symmetra installs a small turret which automatically fires speed-reducing blasts at enemies within its range. She can also build several turrets on the battlefield at once.


With an increased health and damage output, players using Symmetra can now be able to place Sentry Turrets on more strategic areas. During a 1v1 fight, she can now be able to throw one behind the enemy while attacking from the front, dealing extra damage and causing the enemy to get distracted.



Symmetra creates a teleporter exit pad at her current location which connects it to a teleporter entry pad located at the team’s starting point. Allies can quickly travel from the entry pad to the exit pad instantly, allowing them to quickly return to the fight after respawning.


This ability will bring strategic advantage to the battlefield. It will add new possibilities to the game and team replacement. Symmetra will be able to send one or all of her teammates right to the enemy’s backline.


Want to try out Symmetra’s updated skill set? Then make sure to update your Overwatch program on your gaming computers.

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