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PUBG Releases Sanhok Map

PUBG Sanhok Map As Played In Your Gaming PC.

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In a tweet last week, PUBG Corp. posted and revealed that after four rounds of testing, the new map they’ve working on which is called Sanhok is set to be released on June 21 for gaming PCs as part of Patch #15.

The Sanhok map is going to be PUBG’s third map, and it will come with its own exclusive weapons. One of these weapons is the QBZ95, an assault rifle which holds 30 rounds. This new rifle will be replacing the existing SCAR-L on Sanhok and is said to spawn about 1.4 times more than the former gun used to.

Aside from the QBZ95 spawn time, several other weapons have also been adjusted. PUBG Corp. noted that submachine guns, assault rifles, and designated marksman rifles will spawn more quickly on Sanhok. However, all guns with x8 and x15 scopes zooms won’t spawn at all but can be picked up by the players from the care packages.

PUBG Sanhok Map Feature

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Another thing about Sanhok it is just a quarter the size of the existing maps, Erangel and Miramar. The matches that will take place in Sanhok is still going to feature PUBG’s signature 100 player count. However, the developer confirmed that they have made a few changes to optimize the gameplay for its size, considered that it is the smallest map in the game as of now. One of these changes includes a smaller and short-lasting red zone, while the blue area has shorter waiting times and longer travel times. The map will also bring in adjustments on both times depending on the remaining players.

Sanhok was one of the two maps featured during the E3 2018, with Sanhok being released as the “summer map.” The other map, which name is not yet given, will feature a snowy map and will be released in winter.

PUBG Sanhok's View In a Gaming PC

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PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular battle-royale shooter game right now. The game puts players against each other in a fight to survive. Players must gather weapons and supplies, and outwit others to remain the last man standing.

The game was first released for XBox One on December 12, 2017, which was then followed by a release for Microsoft PCs on December 20 of the same year. A few months later PUBG Corp. decided to release the game for Android and iOS mobile phones and devices.

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