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Hardware Spotlight: Thermaltake Level 20 Full Tower Chassis

                                    Video Credit: HardwareCanucks

At the start of the year, Thermaltake celebrated its upcoming 20th anniversary by announcing its all-new Level 20 Full Tower Chassis. The incredible case serves as the next generation of the original Level 10 Extreme Gaming Chassis (built during 2009 in a collaboration effort by Thermaltake and BMW Group DesignworksUSA), representing the latest in technology and design. That being said, lets dive right into just why this case is so special.

“Tt LCS Certified” 

The Thermaltake Level 20 Case comes with a highly prized certification that only the best LCS chassis can have. Tt LCS Certified reflects a fierce commitment to high standards, demonstrating to customers that the chassis was created through repeated tests under extreme liquid cooling configurations, thus resulting in a chassis brimming with performance, compatibility, and features.

High-Caliber Hardware + LCS Expansion

Equipped with eleven drive locations for 3.5″ or 2.5″ devices, the chassis boasts a smooth balance of both functionality and storage. Not only that, it comes with compatibility of up to E-ATX motherboards, cooling fitment for CPU coolers (max length of 200mm), VGA with a max length of 310mm, and PSU sizes that are max 200mm long. As a result, level 20 gives users the freedom to load their system with high-end hardware, all the while providing massive storage.

Top-of-the-line Ventilation

Level 20 showcases isolation of high capacity radiators and fans, individual chambers, an aluminum mesh panels design, and three preinstalled Riing Plus 14 RGB fans. Armed with all these features, it maximizes efficient cooling, giving you not only the best performance, but also additional interior space.

Open Aluminum Modular Structural Statement

Carefully designed aluminum panels are attached to Level 20, ensuring the case is well protected. Additionally, the aluminum casing’s sleek curves are created using CNC milling technology, and the three hinged swing-doors lined on the side of the chassis star 4mm thick tempered glass, which together give durability and a see through display.

Individual Aerodynamic Chamber Design

There are three chambers within the Level 20: the PSU Chamber, MB Chamber, and Storage/LCS Chamber. The PSU Chamber allows for both vertical and horizontal PSU orientations, and also an aluminum mesh panel that enhances airflow and ventilation of the PSU. As for the MB Chamber, it can — as mentioned above — support up to E-ATX motherboards, a 360mm radiator, and 3 x 120 or 2 x 140 mm fans. Last, the Storage/LCS Chamber has the full capability to institute either data management or a cooling system.

Software Controllable TT RGB Family

The numerous RGB features in Level 20 include three Riing Plus 14 RGB fans, two Lumi Plus LED Strips, and one Riing Plus RGB Controller, all of which can be controlled and customized through Riing Plus RGB Software.

While this case is not currently available yet in CyberpowerPC systems, it’ll be available later this year in the fall. So keep a look out for its release!

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