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New Legendary Skins: God King Garen and God King Darius

Gaming Computer's Screenshot of God King Garen and God King Darius, A New Legendary Skins

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The first two skins for the VS 2018 Event has finally been uploaded to PBE, and they happen to be legendary skins. Starting the event are two warrior gods fighting for their beliefs, the God King Garen and the God King Darius.

Let’s check them out:

God King Garen

1820 RP

God King Garen remains as the last descendant of a primordial race of divinities and stands as the final bulwark against the end of civilization. He rules the vast kingdom of Demacia with an iron fist, protecting his people as a self-styled messiah and destroying anyone who dares to oppose him. In exchange for his resolute protection, God King Garen demands his dominions unwavering loyalty at all costs.

This legendary skin Garen the title as the God King where he takes the Lion as his crest, imbuing lion elements into his great blade and armor. His abilities are greatly empowered with divine magic and the lion’s abilities. The God King also gets new SFX and VO lines with lion roars and powerful slashes, as well as new animations for his skills.

God King Darius

1820 RP

God King Darius is the ancient bringer of carnage, a descendant of primordial deities which were long forgotten in the shadow of Demacia. Now that he has come to slaughter monarchs and gods alike, seeking to end the false world of unity and peace. For God King Darius, there is no use for rulers when only strength and war matters. With this belief, he ushers an age of endless war where only the strongest will survive.

This legendary skin makes Darius the God King, taking the Wolf as his crest by incorporating the dire wolf motif into his armor and battleax. Empowering his abilities are the Shadow Magic and the Wolf’s Spirit. He also gets new VO lines and SFX which includes wolf howls and violent swings, and a new animation for his first skill.


These two new legendary skins are part of the 8.13 PBE Cycle which also includes the Aatrox champion update, new summoner icons, brand new collection tabs for icons and wards, and a few details about the upcoming VS event.

To try out these new skins, download the latest patch on your gaming computers through Garena.

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