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A Look at PUBG’s Sanhok Update: New Map, Gun, and More

                              Video Credit: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds recently released one of its biggest updates ever, with its primary focus being on the new map “Sanhok”. At a size of 4km x 4km, it’s the smallest map ever released, so you can expect fast-paced gameplay and a lot more intense close-quarter engagements.

General Things To Note

Performance has been optimized on Sanhok, with different render mechanics, character models, vehicles, and weapons allowing for improved server performance. Sanhok also has volatile weather, constantly changing the environment to create diverse gameplay.

Redzones are smaller and shorter on Sanhok, and the center of redzones appear outside the playzone. Bluezones have shorter waiting times/longer travel times, and it also adjusts waiting times and travel times based on remaining player numbers. Lastly, and probably most important to players, items on Sanhok spawn at a higher rate, allowing them to loot up faster and focus more on gunfights instead.

New Items

The QBZ95 (found only on Sanhok) has been added. It’s an Assault Rifle that uses 5.56 mm ammo, with a normal capacity of 30 rounds per magazine and a max of 40 rounds. Additionally, with the QBZ95 on Sanhok, the SCAR-L no longer spawns.


Accuracy modifiers applied from changes in movement or aiming modes no longer apply instantly. The winner player or team has about 8 seconds after victory to celebrate, after which the match ends and results are shown.

User Interface

You now choose from two “playlists” instead of two maps. The first one is the Battle Royale playlist (Erangel and Miramar) and the second is the Mini Royale playlist (only Sanhok right now). Selecting a playlist results in a random drop of a map in the playlist.

Numerous game UI elements, including the friend list UI, leaderboard and replay UI, lobby, inventory, map, results window, have all been revamped and improved. The in-game minimap has also been upgraded: it now zooms in or out depending on the character’s movement speed, maximizing what you can see. Moreover, the minimap can be expanded using the ‘N’ key and areas under the Blue Zone are now colored blue.

Sanhok Event Pass

The most important non-gameplay feature of the update, the Sanhok Event Pass is similar to that of Fortnite’s. It comes at $10, and contains 30 awards for 30 days of play. However, only some rewards are permanent, while others are only available for 30 days after you attain them.

Miscellaneous: Various sound, effects, and bug fix changes have been made. With an updated drop rate (20 percent), Aviator crate is now part of weekly random crates.

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