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Epic Games Announces New Fortnite Playground Mode

Just last month, Epic Games announced an exciting new “Playground” Limited Time Mode, and it’s finally coming. It’s reminiscent of the vastly popular playground game Minecraft, and while Fortnite is essentially a Battle Royale game, this mode really shines on its unique building element, giving players the creative freedom they want.

So what makes Playground so special? It’s set on a private island, where players won’t have to worry about the typical dangers of the standard Battle Royale mode. Instead, they can focus on building whatever they want, with increased loot and resource generation everywhere.

But it gets even better: players can play in Playground with a squad of up to 4 people, so playing on a private island doesn’t have to be a solo experience. Not only that, friendly fire and respawns are on, so players can practice, build, shoot, and die — all without consequences!

Playground is also going to be huge for content creators, as there’s sure to be hundreds and hundreds of crazy videos showcasing huge towers or elaborate obstacle courses. There’s no doubt that items like bounce pads and impulse grenades will add yet another level of creativity, giving players endless amounts of possible scenarios to try out. Playground even benefits those who make in-game movies with the replay feature, as typical dangers like enemy players aren’t present.

It’s also a good shift for Epic because all the previous LTMs have been focused solely on combat (ex: 50v50, Blitz, Final Fight: Teams of 20, etc). Fortnite‘s beloved building mechanic will finally be maximized to its full creative potential, and with the coming update bringing Playground into Fortnite, a completely new avenue for the game has been opened.



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