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Hardware Highlight: SPECTRIX D41 Memory, SPECTRIX D80 Memory, and SX8200 SSD

Today we’re going to cover not one but three incredible pieces of hardware: the SPECTRIX D41 DDR4 RBG Memory, SPECTRIX D80 DDR4 RGB Memory, and XPG SX8200 PCle Gen3x4 M.2 2280 Solid State Drive. All three deliver absolutely stunning performance — let’s get right into what allows them to do so.


                                       Video Credit: XPG Global

Pursuit of Performance

The SPECTRIX D41 meshes high performance and beautiful RBG lighting to give you a valuable upgrade to your system. Showcasing speeds of up to 4600MHz, SPECTRIX D41 delivers speed and overclocking, all the while supporting Intel® X299 and AMD AM4/Ryzen platforms.

Quality You Can Depend On

Only the highest quality of chips — ones filtered through a rigorous selection process — are used in the SPECTRIX D41, ensuring reliability and durability. Additionally, it features a custom-engineered heatsink and 10-layer PCB that offers not only improved signal transfer quality but also better stability.

Customize Your Flair

With programmable lighting effects and the use of the XPG RBG Sync App, you can set up patterns, pulse speed, lighting intensity, and more. Other existing RBG light control software from a major motherboard manufacturer can also be used.


                                      Video Credit: XPG Global

Innovative RGB Memory with Hybrid Liquid-Air Cooling System

Meet SPECTRIX D80, the world’s first RGB DDR4 memory with a hybrid liquid-air cooling system. It’s in a world of its own, utilizing both a liquid heatsink that’s hermetically sealed with non-conductive fluid and an aluminum heatsink that delivers effective thermal cooling. Even better, the liquid heatsink is illuminated with RGB lighting, giving your rig a look like none other.

Programmable RGB Lighting

Just like the SPECTRIX D80, with the XPG RBG Sync app or any other existing RBG light control software, anything is possible. You can customize patterns, pulse speed, lighting intensity, and more. The D80’s so advanced, you can even use Music Mode to match the lighting effects with different music types, giving you the exact vibe you’re looking for.

Overclocking Unleashed

Even hardcore overclockers will be satisifed, as the SPECTRIX D80 supports a wide frequency range from 2666MHz to 5000MHz with support for Intel® X299 2666 MHz and AMD AM4/Ryzen platforms. There’s even more — preconfigured Intel® XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) 2.0 profiles enable users to execute quick, reliable overclocking.


                                    Video Credit: TechteamGB

Breakthrough the Barrier of Speed

Our fastest SSD to date, the SX8200 M.2 2280 SSD is specially designed to fulfill the needs of hardcore PC enthusiasts, devoted gamers, and overclockers. It showcases a lightning-quick PCle Gen3x4 interface and offers sustained peak R/W speeds of 3200/1700MB per second, beating SATA 6Gb/s by a massive margin. With NVMe 1.3 support, the SX8200 simply outclasses the rest with its superior random read/write performance and multi-tasking capabilities.

Intelligent SLC Caching and DRAM Cache Buffer

With the implementation of the 32bit DRAM data bus, intelligent SLC Caching, and DRAM cache buffer, the SX8200 can boost sequential and 4k random read/write speeds to condense system response time, making it particularly fitting for multimedia editing and gaming.

The SPECTRIX D41, SPECTRIX D80 Memory, and SX8200 SSD are available for customization in multiple PC configurations: Battlebox 2018 Essential Plus, Gamer Xtreme 4000 PBA, AMD Threadripper XtremePro Gamer FTW Extreme 1000, Hyper Liquid Core, and TSM 2018 Champion Edition 300.

All PCs customizable with the SPECTRIX D41, SPECTRIX D80, and SX8200 are backed up by the quality warranty and lifetime technical support guaranteed by all CyberpowerPC products. Customize your PC with the SPECTRIX D41, SPECTRIX D80, and SX8200 today!

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