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Product Feature: Quadstellar

Today’s spotlight is on one of the most innovative products CyberpowerPC has to offer: Quadstellar, the world’s first smart PC case. Its unorthodox shape has revolutionized conventions, allowing users to customize RBG lighting and heat dissipation systems through a single app.

The innovation doesn’t stop there — the case provides a sophisticated, high-tech housing for a multitude of components: the E-ATX Mainboard, multiple graphics cards, and power supply/cooling components in four independent compartments. This separation of power/cooling elements eliminates inter-compartment heat dissipation interference, achieving maximum cooling efficiency. All these great features aside, lets get into the other aspects of this case.

Ultra High Performance

intelNvidia Geforce GTX

Powered by the very best of gaming hardware (such as the all new 8th Gen Intel Core processors), this absolute monster of a gaming PC is developed for power rig builders and supports up to three GPUs (including the first-class NVIDIA GTX 10 series GPUs).

Precision Engineered

All-Metal Structure

The Quadstellar’s all-metal structure creates overall rigidity and quality while maintaining an exceptionally light weight for its large size.


Cast Aluminum

Quadstellar has a futuristic, high-tech design, with a chassis frame crafted using precision engineered cast aluminum technology.

Designed For Performance

Liquid Cooling Ready

The font side mounting can support up to a 360mm radiator and the bottom side mounting can support an additional 240mm radiator, resulting in double liquid cooling.


Supports Up to 3 GPUs

Quadstellar comes with an independent graphic card compartment that can support up to 3 graphics cards in SLI or CrossFire configurations.



Up to E-ATX Compatible

The mainboard compartment is compatible with E-ATX motherboards (max length of 330 mm) and fully capable of supporting 4-way SLI.


For Total Personalization

Tempered Glass

Quadstellar showcases 4 primary magnet-mounted tempered glass panels, all with a screwless neat and clean design.


RGB Ready

You can create a unique gaming atmosphere and match it to your internal components with the Customizable RGB Lighting System.



Now for the four configurations the Quadstellar comes in: Quadstellar 100 Core Gaming PC, Quadstellar 200 Pro Gaming PC, Quadstellar 300 Elite Gaming PC, and Quadstellar 400 Xtreme Gaming PC. Here’s a closer look at each of them.

At the base configuration we have the Quadstellar 100 Core Gaming Desktop, and while it is the most basic of the Quadstellar series, it’s still a monster of a gaming system. It features an Intel® Core™ Processor i5-8600K, GeForce® GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5, 16GB ADATA XPG Z1 3000MHz RAM, CyberpowerPC Z370 SLI Xtreme ATX RGB Motherboard, and 240GB ADATA ASU650 SSD + 2TB HDD Combo. It’s even VR ready, so for those looking for a great gaming system with a case like they’ve never seen before, the Quadstellar 100 Core Gaming Desktop (starting at $1485) is the one.

The second of the configurations, the Quadstellar 200 Pro Gaming Desktop offers a slight upgrade from the 100 Core, with a better CPU in the Intel® Core™ Processor i7-8700K and better graphics card in the GeForce® GTX 1070 Ti 8GB GDDR5. Coming in at $1775, it offers faster performance with the same iconic Quadstellar case.

Next up is the Quadstellar 300 Elite Gaming Desktop. Just like the 200 Pro, it offers an upgrade in performance, starring an Intel® Core™ Processor i7-8086K, GeForce® GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X, and 480GB ADATA ASU650 SSD + 3TB HDD Combo. Starting at $2079, it offers not just better speed, but also more storage, giving hardcore gamers all the space they need.

Last but definitely not least, the Quadstellar 400 Xtreme Gaming Desktop. The monster of monster gaming systems, it shines with its top of the line hardware: an Intel® Core™ Processor i7-7800X, GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti 11GB GDDR5X, 32GB ADATA XPG Z1 3000MHz RAM, ASUS TUF X299 MARK 2 Motherboard, and 480GB ADATA ASU650 SSD + 3TB HDD Combo. At a starting price of $2459, it simply has everything.

All PCs in the Quadstellar Series are backed up by the quality warranty and lifetime technical support guaranteed by all CyberpowerPC products. Customize and configure your Quadstellar Gaming PC today!





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