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Fortnite Esports: Cloud9 Signs Korean Team

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                                Photo Credit: Cloud9

With the E3 Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am and the announcement of the Fortnite World Cup marking the beginning of Fortnite Esports, Cloud9 has made its investment into the growing Esports industry, announcing a new roster of Choi “Trona” Jun-Hyeong, Choi “Noah” Tae-Jun, Kim “GANJi” Sung-Min, and Moon “Duty” Sun-Ho. This 4 player roster represents the first Korean roster ever to sign with a western team, showing how Fortnite’s international influence affects Esports.

The roster’s talent is already evident: Duty was actually the #1 Korean player in the Fortnite Solo Showdown and even the #10 player in the world. Not only that, the team (who formerly played for Lunatic-Hai) just recently won both maps of the ROX gaming Showmatch, displaying their ability to deliver.

Despite the recent success, the team will have a lot more to prove, with other Esports organizations like Faze Clan, OpTic gaming, and rival TSM signing other pro players within the Fortnite community. The upcoming Fortnite World Cup should be a chance for the team to prove its worth.

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                              Photo Credit: EpicSkillshot

Cloud9 Founder and CEO Jack Etienne voiced his excitement for the new team, saying “I’m thrilled that we keep pulling in this level of talent for Fortnite and I know Trona, Noah, GanJi, and Duty are all going to make waves right away and make us proud”.

Given C9’s rich history of success and its huge legions of fans, this new Fortnite team have huge expectations to meet. Time will tell if they live up to the hype, as well as how other teams do in a new competitive Fortnite environment.




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