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Home » New Intel Limited Edition i7-8086K CPU On Sale – Available now in CyberpowerPC Gaming PCs

New Intel Limited Edition i7-8086K CPU On Sale – Available now in CyberpowerPC Gaming PCs

With Intel’s 40th anniversary, the new 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8086K limited edition processor is finally available! Even better, it’s on sale, selling now at a price around $425. Let’s dive straight into what makes this processor so special.

Reminiscent of the original 16-bit 8086 processor introduced in 1978, this new i7-8086K also brings in a new wave of firsts. It showcases 6 cores, 12 threads, as well as assimilated graphics in a 1151-pin package that supports a 64-bit instruction set. In addition, this hexacore CPU will be the fastest ever released to mainstream consumers, and more impressively the first to reach 5.0 GHz at turbo frequency. Even at its base frequency, the processor still delivers solid 4.0 GHz.

In comparison to the standard chip it’s based on, the i7-8086K is 300MHz faster, and this doesn’t even take into account overclocking, which it’s fully unlocked for. This incredibly high frequency allows for improved single-threaded performance, elevating its application across gaming and content creation.

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For any of those eager to experience the power of this new processor, CyberpowerPC has everything you’re looking for. For instance, the Gamer Infinity XLC offers top of the line performance, with a beautiful Dynamic ATX Mid-Tower Dual chamber Gaming Case, ASUS PRIME Z370 Motherboard, and of course the star, the Intel Core Processor i7-8086K Limited Edition. However, selection is in no way limited to just that computer. All CyberpowerPC Z370 Gaming PCs will have the Anniversary Edition CPU available for customization, so take advantage of its current sale and buy now!


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