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New League of Legends Skins: Dark Cho’Gath, Playmaker Lee Sin, and Sweeper Rammus

Riot has just released a new set of skins in League of Legends including one Dark Star skin and two Sports theme skins. These skins are Dark Star Cho’Gath, Playmaker Lee Sin, and Sweeper Rammus. They feature all new textures and models, visual and sound effects, as well as all-new recall animations.

Let’s check them out:

Dark Star Cho’Gath

1350 RP

Dark Star Cho’Gath has jumped in from the outer worlds to the Summoner’s Rift to gorge and devour. This skin is the latest addition to the Dark Star theme. It features Cho’Gath with all new models and texture, giving him a mesmerizing Dark Void look. It also features new spell VFX, showing the force of the Dark Star in each hit. While its new SFX gives off some angry, deep undertones. It also has a new recall animation and impressive feast transformations.

Playmaker Lee Sin

975 RP

Playmaker Lee Sin is one of the two latest sporty skins in the Rift. It has new model and textures, featuring Lee Sin in a custom sports jersey. The skin also has new VFX for all his spells, featuring soccer/football themed. The developer also included some light SFX treatment for some of his spells, mainly his first ability. And lastly, he has a new recall animation and a small VO clip with him shouting goal.

Sweeper Rammus

975 RP

The Sweeper Rammus is ready to side tackle anyone that tries to score against him. Rolling to the Summoner’s Rift, Rammus features a new model and textures, which is Futbol-inspired in celebration of the World Cup. It also has new spell VFX so he can protect the goal with flair, and a new SFX. Like Playmaker Lee Sin, he also gets a new recall animation, showing him scoring a goal on the battlefield to show his enemies.


To check out these new skins, update your League of Legends program on your PC or gaming laptops. These skins are part of the latest 8.12 PBE cycle.

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