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E3 Day 3 2018: A Complete Overview

Day 3 of E3 was a huge one: video game titans Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Sony all had their press conferences, and with them came a huge influx of new, exciting games. From platformers to MMORPGs (or even VR games) Day 3 had it all!

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                                           Photo Credit: GameSpot

Square Enix Press Conference

First up, Square Enix. Now, this particular press conference has already been covered in a featured blog posted yesterday(, but here’s a general recap. Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Just Cause 4 were the main  headliners, but the conference as a whole was disappointing. This was because Square Enix failed to display trailers for the immensely hyped games Final Fantasy VII RemakeThe Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy, while also replaying many of the trailers already shown at the E3 Microsoft Conference.

Ubisoft Press Conference

Ubisoft, the French video game giant, had their press conference second, displaying a wide variety of video games. Whatever your preference is, this jam-packed conference is sure to have something you’ll enjoy. Here are the highlights.

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                                          Photo Credit: Siliconera

Starting off, we had the fan favorite Just Dance 2019, which featured a live dance routine with extravagant outfits and colors(even a panda costume). Some of the songs in the game include Finesse, OMG, Fire, Dame Tu Cosita, Mama Mia, and many more.

                                 Video Credit: Ubisoft North America

Next up was Beyond Good & Evil 2, with the iconic interplay between animal hybrids and humans in space. They’re all interrupted from their various activities when a massive storm approaches, wrecking havoc to their spaceships. Former protagonist Jade is shown emerging ominously from the enemy ship, accompanied by what appears to be two killer robots. Trailer aside, a game play demo during the conference showcased the game’s new city, Ganesha, along with the new ability of players to control both ground characters and aerial vehicles, allowing for both solo and co-op fun.

                                  Video Credit: Game Clips and Tips

In this intense cinematic trailer, The Division 2 presents a world in which the smallpox epidemic has died down, but the corruption and lawless violence has not.  Of course, the mission is to counteract this, and to save the country. The real news, however, lies in the announcement that raids against bosses have been added to the game, which being so difficult, will require players to join forces in teams of up to 8 players. As an added bonus, 3 DLC packs will be released periodically after the game’s release.

                               Video Credit: Ubisoft North America

To finish things off, we have the most hyped Ubisoft game of the conference: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The game’s absolutely stunning visuals and smooth game mechanics center around the journey of a Spartan warrior, and you’ll be able to explore the gorgeous mountains, seas, and meadows of ancient Greece. A distinguishing unique characteristic about this game is that you’ll be able to choose between a male or female character(Alexios or Kassandra), creating a lot more opportunity for diverse game play experiences. Historical events are also a key factor, as the game takes place during the Peloponnesian War. All in all, the game looks incredibly amazing, and its legions of fans will not be disappointed.

Important Note: Unfortunately, the much anticipated Splinter Cell did not make an appearance during the conference. In a later interview, Ubisoft President and CEO Yves Guillemot did confirm that Ubisoft will return to the Splinter Cell franchise, but said no more on why it was missing from the conference.

PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show was chock full of amazing games, with over 25 games making their appearance into E3. With so many games on display, here are our top picks from the show.

                                  Video Credit: ModernStoryteller

Up first, we have The Forgotten City, a re-imagining of the award winning mod. It’s an exploratory game set in an ancient underground city, where you must go back in the past to investigate and find out the culprit of a crime. Identifying the culprit is the sole most important objective of the game, as it is the culprit that dooms the rest of the citizens in the city.

                                               Video Credit: Oculus

Next we have Oculus and Insomniac Games’s exciting new VR game, Stormland. It stars a robot gardener, whose world is attacked by an entity called the Tempest. Damaged, the robot must search for a way to heal itself, all the while dealing with an ever-changing environment that Tempest controls. Narrative aside, the game looks amazing. It boasts a huge, beautiful jungle-like environment to journey across, and features countless cool abilities the robot can use. This is highlighted in the trailer, in which you can see the robot soaring above clouds, climbing a treacherous cliff, and even blasting down enemy bots.

                            Video Credit: Jurassic World Evolution

Another extremely hyped game, Jurassic World Evolution is finally out! The trailer just gives us a small glimpse of everything die hard Jurassic World fans are looking for. In the game, a player can design their own unique park on 5 different islands, using attractions and research/containment facilities. Players are also able to bio engineer new dinosaur species, manage the overall operations of the park, or dive straight into ground or air game play.

                                            Video Credit: PC Gamer

Coming in last is a fresh new management game, Two Point Hospital. It’s reminiscent of the classic Theme Hospital, having the same goals of training staff, hiring workers, researching cures to new weird diseases like Monobrow and Turtle Head. There are different themed hospitals to manage, with some built in hot or cold areas and others in rich or poor.

Sony Press Conference

The last conference of the day, Sony delivered multiple heavy hitters, and with its games demonstrated why it is number one in the console race.

                                           Video Credit: PlayStation

The first Sony game on display, The Last of Us Part II starts with Ellie in a younger stage of her life, as she dances with her friends and a female lover. This initial happy setting quickly turns dark and sinister, transitioning to a later time, where Ellie has become a seasoned, deadly killer. Game play featured stealth elements similar to those in the first game, along with a more advanced version of intense melee combat.

                                       Video Credit: PlayStation

Resident Evil 2’s  trailer unveiled Sony’s remake of the original survival horror game, showing off its incredible graphics and gory chaos. This new version will be in a third person POV, allowing players to choose between characters Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy as they wander throughout an infested Raccoon City. With such a refined yet nostalgic feel, Sony’s massive overhaul is sure to entertain fans for years to come.

                                        Video Credit: PlayStation

With some of the most beautiful visuals of the entire day, Death Stranding depicted the journey of Sam Bridges, who must deliver a package — presumably a baby — while surviving in a world that’s been changed completely by the Death Stranding. Moreover, the trailer provides actual game play, giving a genuine feel to a game that’s relied heavily on cinematic trailers. Overall, this wild trailer is sure to hype up thousands of fans, creating lots of speculation and mystery.

                                Video Credit: Marvel Entertainment


To finish things off, we have Marvel’s Spider Man. The game play shown in the trailer looked extremely smooth, allowing for players to easily get a hang of the web-slinging mechanics while also leaving room for improvisation and diversity. Throughout the trailer, Spider man showed off various fast-swinging attacks and swooping movements, really immersing players in what it really feels like to be Spider man.

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