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League of Legends 101: Pyke’s Gameplay and Tips

Pyke, The Newest Addition to League of Legends Champion

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Pyke, The Bloodharbor Ripper, is the newest addition to League of Legend’s roster of champions. He can take on the role of the assassin or the jungler but was actually intended by Riot to be played as a support champion. But either way, Pyke can be optimized to bring in some severe damage and secure kills during team fights.

If you’re planning to try Pyke on your next game, here are some ideas about his gameplay that might help you:


Pyke is a cutthroat champion that can cripple and kill anyone that crosses you. Start by stalking your chosen victim by using your skill Ghost Drive, which lets you enter into camouflage when diving into spectral waters. While unseen, lurk right at the edge of their vision and then resurface with a quick Bone Skewer to butcher the enemies at point-blank range. Then hold the blade for a bit longer to harpoon one foe, and reeling them into your territory before finishing them.

If that’s not enough to deter the opponents’ team, get more aggressive by rushing foes with a Phantom Undertow. If successful, this will leave the opponents paralyzed with fear as your team closes in for a clash. As the chaos starts it, finish the job by using his ultimate skill “Death from Below” to kill multiple enemies at once.

Pyke is suited to a flank than the frontline. He also needs help from his teammates to secure his kills. His high mobility is also by his low survivability. He can easily be punished if he dives deep for a kill he can’t finish.


  • To survive 1v1 fights, remember to save your ability “Ghostwater Dive” to regenerate a portion of the damage you took from the enemy champion.
  • When engaging in team fights, remember to focus on the champion with the lowest health, so that your ultimate skill can reset when you kill that specific champion.
  • Spirit Visage is an essential item for Pyke. It allows his passive, Gift of the Drowned Ones, to heal him more than the damage he took after going out of combat.
  • And when playing jungle, purchase “Yoomuu’s Ghostblade” and “Boots of Mobility” as your first items. This will improve your speed combat and the synergy with your Ghostwater Dive when ganking on enemy lanes.
  • Ghostwater Dive and Phantom Undertow can be quite a combo, especially during team fights. They double Pyke’s mobility, letting him quickly move on from one kill to the next. Just make sure that your team is there before initiating a clash.
  • In a dangerous situation, Gift of the Drowned Ones can help you escape and survive. It recovers a significant amount of lost health. You can even use Ghostwater Dive to hide underwater for a while before going back in for the kill.


Want to try out Pyke’s skills? This new champion is already available in-game. Just run the League of Legends program on your gaming PC or gaming laptop, and download the latest PBE update to play him.

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