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Butcher’s Bridge Replaces Howling Abyss, New ADC Items


Photo Credit: Riot Games

With the newest patch to League of Legends, Butcher’s Bridge has returned to take the place of Howling Abyss for ARAM. Along with the changes to ARAM, many ADC items have also been reworked, marking a major shift in itemization.

ARAM Changes

The newest patch introduced Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper, as covered in one of our previous articles. Along with the new champion, a Bildgewater themed event was released, hence the change from Howling Abyss to Butcher’s Bridge. One of the other major changes to ARAM are that the health relics now give off a Redemption-like effect when taken, giving both allies and enemies a bit of health if they are within range.

Item Rework

Many of the items that were traditionally built by ADCs have been given major reworks. Taking a look at crit items first, Infinity Edge does not give crit anymore. Instead it doubles your critical strike chance from the crit you already have. The 50% bonus crit damage has also been removed with the new bonus for Infinity Edge being that 15% of crit damage is converted to true damage instead. Essence Reaver has also seen a major shift with its critical strike chance removed. Now, Essence Reaver restores 1% missing mana per auto attack as well as granting Essence Flare, which gives 30% attack speed and causes basic attacks to refund 20% of non-ultimate cooldowns. Zeal items are now also more expensive with all finished Zeal items increasing in price by 300 gold, except Phantom Dancer which increased by 200.

Some other item changes include Last Whisper and lifesteal items. Last Whisper now gives 35% total armor penetration as compared to 35% bonus armor penetration. These changes are also reflected in Lord Dominik’s Regards and Mortal Reminder. Lifesteal items have received a price reduction with both Blade of the Ruined King and The Bloodthirster now 200 gold cheaper.

For the full set of patch notes, please visit the official 8.11 patch notes.

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