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Creepy Jar Releases First Trailer of Green Hell

Developer Creepy Jar finally released to the public the trailer of its first open-world survival game, Green Hell. As what its title suggests, the game is set in a rainforest located in Amazon and focuses on realism.

Green Hell is described itself as a “survival simulator” and is more than just your average survival game. It was revealed that the developers have consulted experts on what people need to craft to survive in the jungle, and the obstacles to encounter. The jungle setting was even modeled after a more realistic Amazonian environment, with numerous threats ranging from predators to poisonous plants. Players must need to check their character’s body not only for injuries but also for illnesses and infections, as well as parasites crawling under your skin. Players should also be able to heal themselves to last long in the woods.

In this game, you are thrown deep into the green hell known as the Amazonian rainforest. Your goal is to stay alive in the depths of this nightmarish environment by only using your instinct to escape. With only radio at your disposal, you will follow the familiar voice of a loved one through the endless and inhospitable jungle, unveiling bit by bit the reasons to why you got there in the first place. What you will discover soon may be harder to handle than surviving the forest.

As a realistic survival simulator game, players are required to use real survival techniques which include camp building, starting fires, and creating animal traps. It also involves sourcing and composing objects such as weapons and tools to survive. Players should also learn how to hunt for food or learn how to plant.

Aside from the game being a survival simulator game, it is also a psychological thriller emphasizing the aspects of survival in extreme conditions. The player will not only face the forest’s harsh environment but also fight to keep your sanity intact. And we couldn’t help but be excited with Green Hell because of its developer. You see, Creepy Jar is a group of developers from Techland, the studio responsible for Dying Light.

Green Hell will feature two main game modes — survival and story, with the former being the initial focus. Its Steam Early Access is set to roll out this summer for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops. You can check its steam page at this link.

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  1. Really exited to play but only have Xbox one and cannot find a release date could you please tell me if and when I could expect to see it on Xbox one thx in advance.

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