New League of Legends Skins Released: Dark Waters Diana and Dark Waters Vladimir

With the release of the new Bilgewater champion Pyke, the BloodHarbor Ripper, Riot made sure to join in on the hype by also releasing two new skins with the Bilgewater theme. These new skins will feature the champions Diana, the Scorn of the Moon, and Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper, in Bilgewater-inspired costumes.

Let’s check them out:

Dark Waters Diana

Dark Waters Diana gives the Scorn of the Moon champion a haunting Bilgewater look with its moonlight dark water theme. It features a new model and textures, giving Diana a fancy leather and an even more elegant hat. She also has new VFX for all spells which shows off a dark, magical water manipulation vibe. Its new SFX, on the other hand, features underwater magic. Its recall animation shows a floaty, whirlpool danger, while her new light VO processing gives of an underwater echo.

The Dark Waters Diana is available at 1350 RP.

Dark Waters Vladimir

The Crimson Reaper has resurfaced as one of the Bilgewater ghouls called Dark Waters Vladimir. This new skin features a new model and textures including a fancy water cape. He also has new VFX for all his spells giving off dark, spooky water effects. The skin also has new SFX with splish and splash sounds, a recall animation that features an eerie water manipulation, and a new light VO processing that sounds similar to underwater ripples.

The Dark Waters Vladimir is available at 1350 RP.


Dark Waters Diana and Dark Waters Vladimir is part of the 8.11 PBE update along with the new champion Pyke. Aside from that, Pyke will also come with a skin called Sand Wraith Pyke, a Shuriman inspired skin which follows a similar theme like the Guardians of the Sands.

Download the PBE update on your PC and gaming laptops to check out these new skins.

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