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Fortnite Introduces the Jetpack


Photo Credit: Epic Games

The version 4.2 Content Update released a few days ago brought an exciting new change to Fortnite with Jetpacks. The jetpack falls into a brand new category, Backpacks, and take up a weapon slot just like any other weapon. It can be found in treasure chests, making it relatively easy to find.

The Jetpack

The Jetpack is activated automatically when it is equipped and the player double jumps. Players can hold the second jump to control the height that the Jetpack rises to. However, this comes with a major caveat in that the Jetpack has a limited duration and fuel tank meaning that each use can only take you a certain height before it overheats. In addition, the fuel tank means that eventually the Jetpack will run out of fuel. However, one major advantage when using a Jetpack is that a player is able to still shoot when in mid-air while easily getting the high ground. Just be aware that the Jetpack does not prevent players from taking fall damage, so overheating at a high point could lead to fall damage.

Solid Gold v2

If you love having legendary weapons, this mode is the one for you. Along with jetpacks, the 4.2 content update also comes with a new game rotating game mode. As the name would suggest, Solid Gold v2 is a game mode where all weapons in the game are legendary. Stone and metal drops and farming have also been increased as well as all types of shields, launch pads, and campfires.

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