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New Pulsefire Skins for Riven, Twisted Fate, and Shen

New Pulsefire Skins - Riven, Twisted Fate and Shen

Photo Source: SkinSpotlights Official Channel

The Pulsefire is a futuristic theme that features a series of Parallel Universe skins in League of Legends. It is set in a dystopian future of Piltover after the Cog Era. Thus, it features the champions from the Summoner’s Rift augmented by cybernetic enhancements and equipped with Chrono technology.

After releasing Pulsefire Caitlyn and Pulsefire Ezreal, Riot added more additions to the theme by giving the same skins to Riven, Twisted Fate, and Shen.

Let’s check out the latest new pulse fire skins:

Pulsefire Riven

Pulsefire Riven’s gameplay will be twice as flashy thanks to her high-tech upgrades. This skin features our favorite top laner Riven in a clean outfit, donning lavender hair, and wielding a shiny new blade with pulse fire core. It also features a new spell FX featuring quintessential pulse fire blue, and heated orange while in ult, and a new SFX for all her spells. It also gives Riven a new recall animation and new death animation.

Pulsefire Twisted Fate

Pulsefire Twisted Fate is back with the latest technologies, featuring high-tech improvements and futuristic gold cards. The skin offers new model and textures with Twisted Fate wearing a bowler hat. It also has a new spell FX that features iconic, mesmerizing ice blue visual effects. It also has new digitized and techy SFX on all his spells. The skin also features new recall animation and new death animation.

Pulsefire Shen

Pulsefire Shen is depicted as a handsome time-traveling man with an ultimate cool ability and a thick shield. The skin features Shen in a full pulse fire armor. It also has a new spell VFX featuring futuristic effects to compliment his ninja sleekness. The skin also offers new SFX, recall animation, and a new death animation.


These new Pulsefire skins are part of the 8.10 PBE update cycle and will come with a batch of new summoner icons, a new ward skin, and clash assets.

To check out these new updates, download the latest patch of League of Legends on your PCs and gaming laptops.

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