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Overkill’s Walking Dead Introduces Grant in New Trailer

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It was last December when Overkill Software first released the trailer for their much-awaited zombie-survival game, The Walking Dead. The trailer introduced us to Aidan, the first playable character in the game. Four months after that, the developers then showed us the second character, Maya, through an interesting backstory trailer. Now, the company has decided to continue releasing details about the game’s cast by putting out a fresh cinematic trailer featuring the third playable character, Grant.

As seen in the new trailer below, Grant is an older gentleman who is shown carrying a sniper rifle as he walks down a rainy road headed toward Washington D.C. Finding an estate wagon in the middle of the road, he hops in after tossing a lifeless body aside. He then opens the glove compartment of the car and found a bottle of whiskey along with a photo of a young girl, and started reminiscing about his granddaughter that he’s out searching for. At first, it appears as if he was talking to himself, but the scene pans out, showing a jawless walker restrained only by the seat belt in the driver’s seat.

From the trailer, we could tell Grant seems to be pretty at ease having walkers around him and eliminates them by blowing their heads up. However, similar to the previous trailers, this one doesn’t really give fans details on what kind of abilities or skills Grant will have in the game.

As the developers have said, Overkill’s The Walking Dead will give each character their own unique abilities, skill trees, play styles, squad roles, and story arcs. But since none of those things were seen in the trailers, fans can only speculate on the character’s abilities. Aidan is said to be an up-close and personal-fighter, a brawler type. Maya, being a former surgeon, could potentially be the healer of the group. While Grant, being the latest character, can be a long-distance character since he was shown wielding a sniper rifle.

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With Grant’s trailer being released that means there is only one more playable character left to be introduced to complete the cast. About the trailers, hopefully, Starbreeze and Overkill Software will finally show how the gameplay will actually work. But for now, all they have confirmed is that each character will be getting unlockable skins to give them a sense of flair.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is scheduled to be released this coming fall for Microsoft Windows PC and gaming laptops, XBox One, and PlayStation 4,

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