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Darwin Project is Now Free-to-Play on PC

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Last March, we’ve featured a new and rising battle-royale game called Darwin Project inspired by the Hunger Games series. At that time, the game was released on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview for $ 14.99. But on April 20, Scavengers Studio made the game free-to-play on PC.

According to the developers, the decision was made because the game didn’t have enough players in specific regions to fill the servers. In a post, they also said that they wanted the game to reach as many players as possible. This also prompted them to release Darwin Project for free sooner than they wanted to.

The display price has already been changed on Steam, but not in the Xbox One Game Preview where its original price is still listed. When Scavengers Studio was asked if the game’s console version will also be free-to-play, the developers just answered that they will have more to share about the Darwin Project on XBox One soon.

For those players who paid for the early access, the developers assured that a handful of in-game items will be added to their inventory. Aside from that, the studio has also included cosmetic items. These can be purchased by money, but the majority can be attained through your game’s progression. Scavengers Studio also emphasized that all these items will be optional and be only added for aesthetics.

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Darwin Project takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic area in the Northern Canadian Rockies. It is an experimental and live-entertainment survival game by the government in preparation for an impending Ice Age. The game pits participants to survive and fight to the death in a treacherous arena. To win, the player must survive under extreme conditions and hunt opponents.

The game also introduced a unique feature known as the “show director,” which enables a player to spectate a match in the arena and also make decisions that can affect the game. The show director is given the ability to heal players or nuke zones to push out the players from their hiding places. Scavengers Studio described the show director as a person similar to the Gamemaker in the Hunger Games series, people who can design and control the arena.

Want to try the Darwin Project? Download the game now for your Microsoft PC or gaming laptop on Steam.

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