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PUBG is Getting a Map Selection

Players of the popular battle-royale video game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, will soon be able to choose which map they want to play in.

Map Selection is a feature that has been requested by fans for months. PUBG players around the world have been telling PUBG Corp to add the feature, particularly after the players made it clear that they can’t deal with Miramar and would rather play on Eragel.

Back then, the developers were concerned that featuring such ability would affect the game and create problems. However, on April 19, PUBG Corp. announced that they will be adding a map selection feature to the game soon.

The Map Selection will allow the player to select and deselect maps according to their preference in the pre-game lobby.

In a blog post, developers explained that the feature was added as a solution for the game’s population problem, particularly for regions such as North America and Europe.

“We created a map selection that is unlikely to cause issues for matchmaking,” the developers explained. “With that said, we’ll still have to keep a close eye on it since the feature could become problematic as new maps continue to be added.”

The feature is implemented on the test servers, but the developers made it clear that the user interface may be different in the actual game. For now, as it is featured on the test servers, players can select the maps they want to play with by clicking its image in the map selection. They can also unselect the map that they don’t want. When choosing two maps, the game will randomly pick one of the two each time you start a match.

Since its release, PUBG’s popularity continues to rise, even paving the way for other battle-royale games to be known in the industry. The game was first released on Steam via an early access beta program on March 2017 and was officially released in December of the same year for Microsoft Windows PCs, gaming laptops, XBox One, and PlayStation 4 consoles. By March 2018, the game was then introduced to mobile users with the help of Tencent Games.

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