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For Honor Adds a New Training Mode A Year After Release

For Honor New Training Mode

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Ubisoft has added a new training mode to the hack-and-slash fighting game, ‘For Honor,’ a year after its release.

The new training mode was made available on April 19 as part of the free update for Season 5 and will replace the existing tutorials. The new features include the Apprentice Trials, the Warrior Trials, and the Arena Training Mode. The Apprentice Trials will allow the new player to learn about the game’s controls. As for the Warrior Trials, it is where players can practice advanced techniques. Lastly, the Arena Training Mode is where players can improve their skills by fighting with or against any Heroes.

According to Ubisoft, the training mode will also have a scoring system to give players the chance to measure their gaming progress. It will also feature a Training Media, an in-game library of video tutorials about the Faction War, as well as the game’s different modes and features.

For Honor Update

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The latest DLC season in the game, Age of Wolves, was just released earlier this year. The DLC introduced dedicated servers to deliver stable connectivity on all platforms since the game’s player base have reached up to 7.5 million players. The DLC also brings in improvements and updates that includes Hero rebalancing.

‘For Honor’ is a game that allows the players to play the roles of historical warriors, including knights, Vikings, and samurai within a medieval setting. The title currently has six modes: dominion, brawl, duel, skirmish, elimination, and tribute.

It was released in February 2017 for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops, PlayStation 4 and XBox One consoles. It is currently available on Steam for $14.99.

Since its release, the title has generally received favorable reviews from video game review aggregators. PC Gamer described it as “a tense, tactical medieval brawler” that will reward gamers with the patience and will to master it.

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