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Black Ops 4 Battle-Royale Mode Confirmed

Black Ops 4 as played in Your Gaming PC

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Late in April, it was reported that the upcoming FPS video game Black Ops 4 might not feature a single-player campaign. Instead of having the usual campaign, the game would have a battle-royale mode.

According to sources Polygon and Kotaku, the decision to cut off the campaign was made by the development team, Treyarch, upon the realization that there wasn’t enough time to complete it before the release. Instead, they have decided to use the allotted time to focus on expanding the game’s multiplayer element and its Zombie mode.

Dropping the campaign from the game is not a new thing in the series. The XBox One and PS3 version of Black Ops 3 was shipped without it. Although Activision hasn’t revealed the total sales for those platforms, it’s entirely possible that it had no significant effect on the title’s overall sales.

Black Ops 4 Battle-Royale Mode in Gaming PC

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In regards to the game’s new mode, it seems that Activision wanted to hop on the battle-royale bandwagon. They were keenly aware of the success it brought to other companies such as PUBG and Epic Game. In a press release, they stated that they are ready to create a game of the same genre themselves. According to the source, the American video game developing company, Raven Software, is the one working on the Black Ops 4’s battle-royale mode.

This is said to be a part of Activision’s strategy to emphasize on the game’s cooperative modes. They see it as a potential replacement for the usual single-player experience a campaign could provide to the gamer. We’re not entirely sure if this strategy would be a success, seeing that it was done to one of the most popular FPS title, Black Ops. But for now, fans of the series are hoping that the game will still feature a campaign since Activision hasn’t released a statement about this news.

Black Ops 4 is set to be released on October 12 on PlayStation 4, XBox One, and Microsoft Windows gaming PCs. Further details regarding the game will be revealed this May 2018.

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