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Assassin’s Creed: Origins New Update Introduces the Animus Control Panel

If there is one thing fans love the most about Assassin’s Creed: Origins, it is definitely the updates. These allow the players to enjoy the game even more. And just this month, Ubisoft announced another update to the highly-anticipated title. It will add some deep options which will allow the players to do in-depth character customization and more.

The latest update introduces the players to the Animus Control Panel, a feature embedded in the Uplay Library page. Players can now change the character, enable assassination ability, and allow the character to tame animals.

The Animus Control Panel will also feature three Ubisoft-crafted presets. The panel itself offers a variety of options from ordinary to odd, such as dramatically increasing the character’s movement speed or turning on perpetual adrenaline.

In fact, the panel has an option where players can increase the maximum number of tamed animals. An option that allows Bayek to have more than three pets to go with him.

Overall, the Animus Control Panel has 75 parameters within 11 categories. But Ubisoft confirmed that there will be many more options available for future updates. Exciting, right?

As of this writing, no exact date was given by the developer on when they will release the Animus Control Panel, but it will roll out this month. They also posted that they will release more information about the update on the game’s dedicated forum.

AC: Origins is the latest installment in the Assassin’s Creed series. It introduces the player to a new protagonist named Bayek, a Medjay who protects the people of the Ptolemaic Kingdom during ancient Egypt. The game also explores the origins of the centuries-long conflict between The Order of the Ancients and the Brotherhood of Assassins.

The game was released last October 2017 for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops, as well as PlayStation 4 and XBox One gaming consoles. So if you don’t have this title from Ubisoft yet, it’s time you do so you can enjoy the new updates!

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