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Liquid Break the Curse


Photo Credit: EKGAMING

After years of always placing in fourth place, Team Liquid have finally broken their curse by winning the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split in a dominating fashion. The matches were played last weekend in Florida with Team Liquid taking on 100 Thieves.

Game 1

The first game ended surprisingly quickly despite how close it was throughout the entire game. Team Liquid had control of most of the early objectives including three dragons, the Rift Herald, and three turrets despite 100 Thieves grabbing the first kill for themselves. The kills continued to go the way of 100 Thieves as they picked off members of Liquid, but Liquid were able to exert their dominant objective control and grab the Baron. From there, they were able to use the Baron to push into 100 Thieves’ base and win the game.

Game 2

The next match was once again a show of Liquid’s superior objective control. Despite the relatively low kill count in the early game, Liquid were able to slowly build up a small lead for themselves by securing the dragons and Rift Herald. One team fight was all it took for them to snowball their lead and take the Baron as well as all of 100 Thieves’ base. From there, it was a short walk to the Thieves’ nexus and a 2-0 lead in the series.

Game 3

In the third game, 100 Thieves came out to a strong lead after Ssumday got a double kill against Impact and Xmithie. The Thieves were able to build up a 2k gold lead, but this was short lived as Liquid proceeded to completely shut out their opponents for the next 20 minutes. Liquid were able to claw back with several picks of their own and an efficient control of all the neutral objectives like in the previous games. Eventually, they were able to take the Baron and kill the Thieves’ jungler and the first two games repeated themselves as Liquid quickly used their advantage to close out the game.

Congratulations to Team Liquid for their dominating first win in the NA LCS.

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