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Dying Light Releases a Battle-Royale Inspired Expansion “Bad Blood”

Dying Light - Prison Heist

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Techland zombie-game Dying Light gets a new expansion called “Bad Blood,” a Battle-Royale inspired PVP game mode. According to Techland, the expansion was their response to numerous fan requests for a PvP approach to the game, and the recent popularity of the Battle-Royale genre among fans of survival-horror games.

The Bad Blood game mode in Dying Light is a combination of PvP and PvE. In this mode, six players are dropped into random locations around a zombie-infested area. The player must use his parkour skills to swiftly traverse the city while scavenging for weapons and resources to survive. The main goal of the game is to evacuate the city before the night falls. To achieve this, the player must harvest blood samples from several elite-infected zombies to unlock seats on the escape helicopter.  The player can either choose to work with the other players to create an alliance or attack them to steal their samples and survive on their own. Like other battle-royale games, the player has only one life and must make play smart to succeed in the game.

Prison Heist Gameplay

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While the Bad Blood expansion is still on its way, Dying Light dropped two new content packs last week in the form of a new Prison Heist mode and a new enemy. These are part of their 10 new DLC in a 12 month-initiative which started last year. The game mode is designed for more experienced players. In the mode, the players are set loose on Prison Island and must break into an armory against the clock. The game mode can be either done solo or with your friends in co-op.

Prison Heist also introduces us to the new elite-infected zombie known as Sgt. Deathrow. He’s a previous unknown Demolisher mutation — bigger, stronger, and more unpredictable.

Upon the release of the two content packs, Techland also hinted that getting good with the new Prison Heist mode might come in handy in the next content drop. They mentioned that this new content might arrive late in April.

Dying Light is first-person, horror-survival game set in a vast open world filled with infected zombies. You can download it on Steam for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops.

Watch Dying Light’s Prison Heist update trailer:

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