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Top 10 Overwatch Heroes with the Highest Win Rate

Each hero in Overwatch features unique abilities and playstyles that make them very interesting. But let’s face it, some heroes just stand out from the rest. Whether it’s because of their high damage or challenging gameplay, these heroes have the perfect skill kit to deliver a victory.

Here are the top 10 Overwatch heroes with the highest winning rate:


Win Rate – 60.24%

Symmetra has a unique playstyle that is quite hard to understand. She is a unique support hero who can keep her allies alive through unconventional means. Her Sentry Turrets can deter enemies from traveling through chokepoints, while she can use her Photon Barrier to protect her allies. She also has a skill called Shield Generator which gives her team a great health advantage. Despite her skill kit and appearance, Symmetra is actually one of the most damaging Support heroes, thanks to her weapon which can deal devastating damage at both short and long range.


Win Rate – 55.78%

Torbjörn is a weapon designer has an extensive arsenal and ability to forge upgradeable turrets or dole out protective armor packs. Due to this, he is said to be the definition of “defense” in the game. He can deploy a sentry to threaten his opponents and provide assistance to his team.


Win Rate – 53.03%

Zenyatta is strong offense-focused support, who stands out from other supports due to his incredible killing power. With the use of his orbs, he can quickly heal and weaken his opponents, all while pursuing his transcendent state which makes him immune to all damage.  While his abilities are rather simple, his gameplay can be quite complicated, requiring the player to balance helping your enemy and dealing damage while staying alive.


Win Rate – 52.53%

D.Va is a unique tank hero that offers some mobility. Equipped with very high health and Boosters, she can quickly close a gap to the enemy with ease. She also has a high damage output at close-range, making her one of the strongest fighter in Overwatch especially in 1-vs-1 matches. D.Va also excels in ganking and harassing opponents, thanks to her damage-dealing abilities coupled with her Boosters movement ability that aids her to make “shotgun-like” damage and escape with ease.


Win Rate – 52.16%

Carrying area-denying armaments, Junkrat excels at defending an area with the use of his traps and indirect fire. He is also valued for his high damage output. His ability, Concussion Mine also gives him strong mobility, while his ability Total Mayhem can change the course of battle. This explosive and hard-to-aim nature of his weapon makes him a challenging opponent for most heroes.


Win Rate – 51.92%

Mercy is the ultimate healer in the game with the ability to bring her teammate back up to full Health. She also has the ability called “Resurrect” that allows her to bring a teammate back from the dead. She is a potent healer that can fit into most teams, especially when paired with allies that are capable of dealing long-ranged damage. Mercy is an excellent pick to sustain your team and keep them alive.


Win Rate – 51.55%

Clad in powered armor and equipped with a gigantic hammer, Reinhardt leads his teammates across the battleground and defends them with his massive energy barrier. He is the sturdiest of the Tanks, boasting high base Health. However, Reinhardt can also be a deadly offensive threat due to the high-damage his Rocket Hammer can deliver. He also can crush his enemies against the wall with Charge.


Win Rate – 51.07%

Moira is a support hero who can easily reposition amongst her allies thanks to her immense mobility. She has an ability called “Fade” which provides her with a powerful movement tool and invulnerability, making it hard for her opponents to lock her down. Moira also has a strong ultimate skill, Coalescence, which can both heal and damage enemies.


Win Rate – 50.34%

Genji is equipped with his wakizashi to deflect projectiles or uses his katana to deliver a swift strike to end his enemies, which makes him a versatile flanker. He also has very high mobility, boasting some of the best movement options out of all the heroes in the game. This makes Genji better suited for close-ranged fights so he can make use of his mobility and spread shurikens, while still being formidable at a range.


Win Rate – 49.95%

Roadhog is a different tank which has a playstyle that focuses on singling out vulnerable opponents and yanking them out from their group for a slaughter. Due to this, he functions best as the team’s flanker by using his chain to catch unaware enemies and kill them. Roadhog also large heal on a medium cooldown, allowing him to operate for long periods of time even when away from his team.


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