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Smite God Reveal – Achilles, Hero of the Trojan

Smite has a new god, or should I say demigod, added to its roster: Achilles, The Hero of Trojan. Although he died by Paris’ hand, Achilles has been drawn from Hades’ depths to fight with the gods. Armored now, upon the heel, he aims to get his revenge on the envious Gods who stole his life and his glory.


Passive – Gift of the Gods

It is Achilles’ adaptability to the tide of Battle. He can choose to wear armor, granting him bonus health and protections. He can also choose to forgo it, gaining him bonus movement speed and physical power armored bonus.

1st Ability – Shield of Achilles

Achilles punches forward with his shield, inflicting massive damage. It also stuns enemy targets hit by the impact. The force of his punch also continues to radiate past his initial target area, dealing 80% damage to targets farther away.

2nd Ability – Radiant Glory

Upon activation of this ability, Achilles is blessed by the gods, giving him bonus physical power, protections, and also crowd control reductions for 6 seconds. While this blessing is active, Achilles will heal himself upon successfully damaging enemies with abilities.

3rd Ability – Combat Dodge

Combat Dodge allows Achilles to dodge his enemies’ attacks before striking them in swift response. If he successfully hits an enemy god with this strike, he can use this ability once more before it goes on Cooldown.

Ultimate – Fatal Strike

Fatal Strike is Achilles’ ultimate ability. Upon activation, he winds up a large attack and dashes forward. While dashing, he will pass through minions, stop and hit the first enemy god he encounters, deal damage to all enemy he hits. If Achilles successfully executes a god with this ability, he can use it again, up to 5 times.

As Achilles successfully executes his enemies, he becomes more reckless in combat and leaves his heels exposed, making him more susceptible to damage, stacking up to 5 times.


Achilles is now available to play in Smite. To try his skills and check out his gameplay, update Smite on your Microsoft Windows gaming laptop or PC.

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