FFXIV: Famfrit Raiding Sigmascape Savage

As of Week 9, these are the groups that have beaten Sigmascape Savage.  All information was taken from FFLogs.  We included Phoenix because they have been mainstays in Famfrit’s raiding for a long time and with this chart being the only chart for the tier, we thought it would be a disservice to leave them out.  Originally, the chart was supposed to come out on week 4 and we apologize for it coming out much later than anticipated.  With my inactivity in the game and Jess being busy, the chart took a backseat and we weren’t sure if we were going to be releasing one this tier.

Looking at FFLogs, we have seen a lot of new players raiding which is fantastic to hear about.  We’ve also been seeing a lot of individuals clear from weeks 1-3 from release which has been a trend from last tier.  This tier isn’t harder than Deltascape so a lot of groups should be downing Sigma this week especially with how many groups started early.

Genos Axel

Graphical Credit: Jessica Cornelius

https://www.fflogs.com/rankings/server/11/latest/#boss=55 – for groups on the server

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