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The Darwin Project – The Newest Rising Battle Royale Game

The Darwin Project

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A new battle-royale game is starting to make rounds on the internet, even closing in on Fortnite in Twitch views. This game we’re talking about is Darwin Project, developed by an independent video game company from Quebec.

The Darwin Project gives the players a competitive multiplayer third-person survival experience. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic dystopian area located in the Northern Canadian Rockies. As a preparation for the impending Ice Age, the government presented a new experimental and live-entertainment project called the Darwin Project. The project challenges participants to survive the cold and fight to the death in a treacherous arena to win. In the game, the player becomes a participant and must survive extreme conditions, track and hunt their opponents to win.

Ten players are put into the arena, a frozen landscape covered by lava fits, intricate walkways, and ghost towns. To survive the first minutes, the player must find items and materials to keep them ward and defend their self. The game offers main weapons that consist of an ax and a bow and arrow, unlike many battle-royale games that stick with guns. This makes surviving and hunting more challenging than a quick firefight. Players can also set traps to make the hunting easier.

The Darwin Project gameplay

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But aside from those, The Darwin Project also offers a unique feature called the “show director,” enabling one player to spectate the match and make decisions that can make an impact in the game. It’s like acting out as the game master. The show director can heal players, keep them warm or even nuke zones to push the players out into hiding. Showmanship isn’t required, but if you have a decent Twitch account, you can live stream your game as the show director and ask your viewers to decide on things or pick their favorites. This feature adds a total twist to the battle-royale genre in a way that makes sense, especially in a streaming era. And just a fact, the show director feature was said to be inspired by the Hunger Games series, so if you’re a fan, then you definitely need to try and play this game.

The Darwin Project is currently in Early Access. It is available for $ 14.99 on Microsoft Windows gaming computers, and XBox One.

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