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CyberPowerPC $100K Sponsorship Contract Tournament Series


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional esports athlete? Well now you have a chance of doing so with our new CyberPowerPC PUBG tournament. Over a course of 45 tournaments between March and July, the two top duo teams will be offered a total of a $100k sponsorship contract to become the official CyberPowerPC PUBG esports team. The tournament is open to all US and Canadian residents and is the perfect opportunity for amateur teams looking to go pro. In addition to the sponsorship contract, there will be another $100 in prizes per tournament.

How to Enter and Format

As mentioned before, the series will consist of 45 individual tournaments spread out across March through July. The tournaments will be played in Duo TPP format and will each have a total of three games, one on Erangel, one on Miramar, and one randomized. Teams will receive points based on their placement and kills in each of the tournaments, with the top teams invited to a live tournament to compete for the $100k sponsorship contract. Teams DO NOT have to participate in all 45 tournaments, although doing so will greatly improve a team’s chance to place high as they will have more opportunities to gain points. The first tournament is available to enter now, although there is a 250 team limit per tournament. The matches will be streamed live on our Twitch channel on the day of the tournaments. For more information, please visit our tournament information page.

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