LoL April Fool 2018 Skins are Out: Pizza Delivery Sivir and Birdio

LoL April Fools Skin 2018

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Riot’s League of Legend has dropped the new skins for their April Fools event, featuring Pizza Delivery Sivir and Birdio aka Galio.

This year, April Fool skins seem to center on food delivery, with Sivir being featured as a pizza delivery girl while Galio being featured as a chicken delivery guy.

Let’s check them out:

Pizza Delivery Sivir

1350 RP

Pizza Delivery Sivir

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Pizza Delivery Sivir has come to the Summoner’s Rift to deliver some pizzas.

This new look for Sivir is her 2018 April Fool Skin. The skin gives her all-new model and textures which includes a pizza cross-blade. She has new VFX for all her spells, complete with a randomized pizza shuffle when clicking her Q – Boomerang Blade. This will allow her pizza weapon to randomly pick from pineapple/ham, mushroom/olives, and pepperoni. The skin also features new SFX for all spells, which is full of cheesy and gooey goodness. It also has a new recall animation where she guarantees to deliver in 30 minutes or less.


975 RP


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Ever wondered what it likes to have the Birdman deliver you some chicken wings? Well, that is what Birdio, the fried chicken master, does.

Birdio is Galio’s 2018 April Fool Skin which features the Idol of Durand in a chicken costume as a new model. He also got some new textures, and new VFX complete with a pair of delicious golden fried chicken wings. The skin also brings new SFX lawyers for all his spells. Birdio also has a new recall, dance, and death animation, where he turns into a fried chicken.


These two skins are now available on PBE. To check them up, update your League of Legends and Garena app on your PC or gaming laptop.

For more information about these new skins, you can also visit League of Legends’ official blog site.

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