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H1Z1 is Now Free-to-Play


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Early this March, Daybreak Games announced that their battle-royale game H1Z1 is now free-to-play on PC and gaming laptop.

The battle-royale game, which just left its Early Access status last February, was made available to download for free on March 8. Players have assumed that this was caused by the sudden popularity of the game’s genre due to the success of PUBG and Fortnite.

For those of you who don’t know, H1Z1 started as an Early Access multiplayer survival game. King of the Kill then emerged as the battle-royale mode for H1Z1 which eventually split off and became a standalone game. Good thing the developers and its publisher has come into terms, leading King of the Kill to become H1Z1.

H1Z1 in-game look

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To show gratitude to those who supported and bought H1Z1 during its time in Early Access, Daybreak Games will be giving them the “H1Z1 Appreciation Pack.” The gift pack contains several items including a Splinter Camo ARV, a Gasrunner Hoodie, Bloom Survivor T-Shirt, 10 Victory Crates, and 10,000 Skulls.

Additionally, new purchasable DLC bundles were added to the game to support its new free-to-play mode. The Limited Edition Gold, Silver, and Bronze Battle-Royale Packs can be bought for $100, $50, and $20. These packs contain various skins, crates, and Skulls, the in-game currency.

With its latest update, H1Z1 has now a new mode called “Auto-Royale.” This new mode pits up to 30 teams of four in a battle where only one vehicle will be left standing. A host of new features are also added in the game which includes a mini-map and a redefined drop system. For more details, you can check out H1Z1 on Steam.

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