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Celebrity Pro-Am Fortnite at E3


Photo Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games announced yesterday that they will be hosting a special professional and celebrity amateur mix tournament at E3 2018. E3 will take place in the beginning of summer from June 12th to June 14th at the Los Angeles Convention Center and is one of the biggest electronic expos around the world. It features the latest in technology from hardware to software to the newest from the gaming industry.

The Pro-Am Tourney

The pro-am show match at E3 will feature 50 celebrities and 50 pro gamers who will be teamed up to battle other pro-am mix teams. Some prominent names among Fortnite playing celebrities including Chance the Rapper, Drake, and Travis Scott have a high change of appearing in the tournament, but the full celebrity roster is not confirmed yet. For hockey fans, the Toronto Maple Leafs have also taken a liking to Fortnite and could possibly put on an appearance. From the professional scene, popular streamers and players such as Ninja, Dr. DisRespect, TSM Myth, and more are the most likely candidates to be participating in the tournament. Ninja as of late has seen an explosive growth in his Twitch channel, and his latest stream with Drake hit upwards of over 600k viewers.

Epic Games has not fully confirmed all the details of the match yet, although they have promised to trickle down more information as the event approaches. For now, all that exists is the first announcement article, so be sure to follow closely as they announce the lineup for the tournament.

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