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Bandai Namco Adds Two New Fighters in Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur VI Ivy and Zasalamel

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During the last week of February, the famous Japanese video game company Bandai Namco has announced the addition of two returning characters — Ivy and Zasalamel in Soul Calibur VI.

Soul Calibur VI is the seventh installment of the popular weapon-based fighting game series of the same name. Like its prior installment, the fights take place on a 3D plane where fighters clash using their weapon of mastery. It will also introduce a new gameplay mechanic called the “Reversal Edge,” which upon activation will show a counter-attack in a dynamic camera view.

Soul Calibur VI Ivy

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Before the announcement, the characters that were revealed to be part of the seventh installment were Groh, Kilik, Mitsurugi, Nightmare, Sophitia, and Xianghua.

Ivy or Isabella Valentine has been a part of the first Soul Calibur game. Since her first appearance, her character has been one of the most recognizable and iconic characters in the franchise. She is known for her silver hair and villainous countenance. She defeats her opponent by using the unique weapon she invented, a snake sword named Ivy Blade.

Soul Calibur Zasalamel

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Zasalamel was first introduced in the series in Soul Calibur III. He is described as a man with no alliances, who trusts no one but himself. He is known in the series for his high magical abilities and his mastery of death scythes. In the game, it is also impossible to truly kill Zasalamel, since his soul can be reborn in a new body possessing all of his previous body traits and memories. Aside from using his death scythes, he is also capable of summoning undead servants and solid illusions that can fight.

Their addition brings Soulcalibur VI’s current roster up to eight fighters.

Soul Calibur VI is scheduled to be released this year for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs, XBox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles.

Check out Bandai Namco’s official trailer for the two returning characters:

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