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PUBG 2018 Roadmap

pubg roadmap

Photo Credit: PUBG

Recently PlayerUnknown has released the tentative roadmap for Bluehole’s mission in 2018 for PUBG. The planned changes have sparked both excitement and criticism in the community as some of the new features were met with mixed feelings.

New 4×4 Map and New Weapons

The most positively received feature was that a 4×4 island map would be released next month on the test servers. This map would have a much shorter game time and would also have higher action due to its smaller nature. This map was added as a direct response to Fortnite’s increasing popularity and smaller map. It is designed to mimic Fornite’s fast paced action and smaller map. PlayerUnknown has also teased that several new weapons will be added to the game in the upcoming year. The next weapon has already been confirmed to be a FN FAL, a modern 7.62 weapon.

Emotes, Scoping, and Achievements

Emotes, changes to scoping, and achievements have already been added to the test server as of now. Although emotes caused quite a few concerns from the community, mainly how it could be used to abused a third-person camera in first-person mode, but the feature has been implemented successfully. The scoping animation as well as the 8x scope has been modified slightly in the recent update, making them more realistic. In addition, achievements have been added to the game with simple ones such as “Kill a player by any means” to harder achievements such as “Kill 10 players with the crossbow”.

The full article and roadmap from PlayerUnknown can be found here.

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