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FaZe win 2018 PUBG StarSeries i-League


Photo Credit: StarSeries

In the last article about StarSeries, we covered how Liquid were solidly in first place after an impressive first day run with three chicken dinners to close out. The second place team, FaZe Clan, were 350 points behind.

Day 2

FaZe began to chip at Liquid’s lead on the second day of StarSeries. Although they did not win any of the games for themselves, they secured two 2nd place and two 3rd place finishes to collect the most amount of points on Day 2. Liquid also had a strong showing winning the fourth game of the day and grabbing a second place of their own to trail behind FaZe by 50 points.

Day 3

For the two leading teams, FaZe and Liquid, Day 3 was a disaster for them. FaZe managed to get a win in the second match and place 3rd and 5th in two other matches, but they also got 12th and last place in their other two matches. Luckily for them, Liquid had an even worse day, placing no higher than 7th in any of their matches. The winner of this day was Tempo Storm who had two wins and several other high placings.

Day 4

Everything came down to Day 4 for most of the teams in the tournament. Things began poorly for FaZe and Liquid as they got 12th and 9th place respectively in the first match. The third place team, Vitality, grabbed the chicken dinner in the first game, making the match a close three-way at the top. Faze finally managed to break through with a win in the second game to pull a bit more ahead of the pack, but Vitality also had a strong 2nd place finish while Liquid grabbed 6th. Faze continued to pour more fuel onto their lead, getting a 2nd place and following it with another win. Unfortunately for both Vitality and Liquid, their performance in the third and fourth games was not enough to overcome the lead FaZe built. FaZe petered off with a 13th place finish, but their previous placements were enough to give them the win.

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