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Overwatch’s Newest Hero: Brigitte


Photo Credit: Blizzard Games

Overwatch has revealed its 27th hero of the game, Brigitte, the daughter of Torbjorn and the apprentice of Reinhardt. Her kit is a mixture of both a tank and healer, giving her a unique position in the game as the newest support hero.


Video Credit: Blizzard Games

Brigitte grew up in the workshop of her father, Torbjorn, and was fascinated in the building and engineering. Although her father made primarily weapons, Brigitte was more interested in building armor. She was given the opportunity to squire for Reinhardt and help him maintain his armor and equipment. In the beginning, she was satisfied by repairing his equipment after his battles, but she began to realize that armor smiths had to participate in the battle themselves to have the most impact. So she joined the front line alongside Reinhardt to protect him as he was protecting the weak.


Video Credit: Blizzard Games

As mentioned, Brigitte is a support champion that has both the abilities of a healer and a tank. Her primary weapon is the Rocket Flail which is a melee weapon with decent range and is capable of hitting multiple targets. When using Rocket Flail, she can also cast Whip Shot which damages and stuns an enemy at range. Her Rocket Flail also heals nearby allies whenever she does damage to enemies. Her next weapon is her Barrier Shield, which is basically a smaller version of Reinhardt’s shield and is only able to cover Brigitte and those immediately behind her. When Barrier Shield is equipped, Brigitte can use Shield Bash to knock back enemies. Her main support ability is Repair Pack which is a targeted ability that heals wounded allies or gives armor to allies at full HP. Her ultimate is a wide area of effect ability called, Rally, which gives Brigitte a speed boost and gives armor to all nearby allies within the range of the ability.

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