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Miscreated (Early Access) Review – Emerging Into its Own Survival Beast

Entrada Interactive LLC

Post-apocalyptic survival games are all the rage these days. I know that I’ve played my share of them, that’s for sure. I’ve weathered the toxic community that Rust offers, and formed anti-bullying teams in order to protect newly spawned players. I’ve survived several seventh days in 7 Days to Die, managing to ward off literally hundreds of hungry zombies. But out of all of the similar games out there within the genre, not one has captivated my attention as much as Entrada Interactive’s Miscreated.

A gaming friend and I recently jumped back into Miscreated in order to see what effect all of the recent updates have had on the game in general. We’d had some issues in the past with getting killed-on-sight as soon as we spawned into a game, so we decided to try out one of the new PvE servers. Soon after joining the server, we were greeted by a group of players who were armed to the teeth. One of them withdrew his assault rifle and aimed at us.

“Get down!” he yelled through the game’s handy VOIP comm system.

We hit the dirt as he fired right over us, striking several mutants that had been running up behind us. After dispatching the mini-horde, the kind gentleman introduced himself and his friends and offered us some weapons and equipment, including medical supplies.

They then offered to drive us in their car into a nearby town so that we could scavenge for more equipment on our own. I have to admit that we were slightly suspicious of their motives since we had been hoodwinked in the past. But sure enough, the strangers drove us to the edge of town and dropped us off without incident. We could just feel the toxicity of Rust fading away.

As we crept into the town we got our first taste of Miscreated’s new dynamic weather system. Rain poured down on us as we sought shelter in an old derelict house in the town. We commented to each other how realistic the rain not only looked, but how it sounded as well. The pitter-patter of water was punctuated by sudden cracks of lightning and rolling thunder as the rain cascaded all around us.

Because of our marveling at the weather effects, we failed to notice a small group of mutants that was approaching the house we were in until they were practically right outside on the front porch. Since all we had was a couple of pistols with limited ammo, we decided to high-tail it upstairs and hide in one of the second story bedrooms. As we crouched down behind a dilapidated bed, the mutants did an inspection of the place. We could hear them growling as they searched for us, which highlighted Miscreated’s newly improved AI.

After the motley crew left, the rain stopped and we walked back outside. That’s when we saw it—one of the game’s new denizens—a giant grizzly bear. As soon as we saw that it saw us, we took off in the opposite direction. It gave chase but we managed to lose it by running through a few run-down houses. We were very impressed with the bear’s animation, it moved very fluidly instead of jerking around spastically as other game’s render their animals.

Later, we ran into another friendly group of players who offered to show us how to build a shelter for ourselves. That gave us the opportunity to play around with Miscreated’s new and improved building and crafting system. In the past, erecting a base was much more of a chore, but Entrada has obviously been toiling away at the game’s code because building is much easier now. It wasn’t long before we had the fundamentals down and our first base up. We thanked the kind strangers and they left after giving us some food.

We really couldn’t believe how nice everyone had been to us, and wondered when it would stop. Well, I’m happy to report that it never did. We were greeted by more kind strangers again and again, which made us realize that the server really owned up to being PvE instead of kill-on-sight PvP. In other words, it’s pretty much the opposite of Rust.

Entrada has stated that they hope to have all of Miscreated’s major gaming systems in place in 2018, but were careful to say that although they will be offered, they may not be feature-complete. That’s fine by me, as the game is already pretty content rich as it is, although I wouldn’t mind the map being expanded a little more (which they are planning to do). As it stands, Miscreated is definitely shaping up to be one of the better post-apocalyptic survival games on the market.

SCORE: 86 %

Miscreated features outstanding graphics that make its survival gameplay truly shine. However, you want to have a pretty beefy gaming PC or gaming laptop in order to play it at a decent framerate. So, you may just want to invest in a decent gaming rig:

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