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The Submachine Guns of PUBG


Photo Credit: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Sometimes, the only gun you find in the beginning of the game or in a particularly low loot area is a SMG. Although they are not able to compete against assault rifles at medium and long ranges, in close quarter combat, SMGs reign supreme. Boasting some of the highest fire rates and hip fire accuracy, these guns are meant for taking out enemies hiding in a room or fighting in the tight corners of a building.


The Vector is one of two submachine guns that use .45 ACP ammunition. It boasts an extremely high fire rate at the cost of a very small magazine. The Vector can take a total of four attachments, a muzzle, a vertical grip, a magazine, and a tactical stock. An extended magazine for this weapon is almost a must as its original clip can only hold 14 bullets which increases to 25 with an extended. The vector also has one of higher recoils of the SMGs without any attachments, making it a last resort weapon.

Tommy Gun

The Tommy gun is the other .45 ACP SMG in the game. It takes three attachments with only a suppressor available as a muzzle attachment, a vertical grip, and a magazine. One of the great benefits of using the Tommy gun is its large drum magazine which holds 30 bullets without an extended magazine and 50 bullets with one. The drawback to the weapon is that players cannot attach a sight on to it, however its hip fire is extremely reliable.


A classic gangster and mafia weapon, the Uzi has also found its place in PUBG. With its ridiculously high fire rate, the Uzi is one of the strongest weapons in close range combat especially early on in the game. It takes a muzzle, magazine, and the Uzi exclusive stock. The obvious negatives to the weapon are its lack of medium to long range combat ability and its low damage against armored opponents.


The UMP is the SMG most like an AR with lower damage and recoil. It is a friendly weapon for beginners to use due to its low recoil and easy to control spray pattern. The UMP takes a muzzle, grip, and magazine attachment and can also use scopes up to the 2x. It has three types of firing types, semi-automatic, burst fire, and full auto. The UMP is one of the lower fire rate SMGs, but makes up for its weaknesses by being the most well-rounded sub in the game.

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