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CS:GO’s Newest Case: The Clutch Case

CS:GO’s newest case was released yesterday, February 15th, and contains 17 new weapon skins and 24 new glove finishes. The case, called the Clutch Case, comes 5 months after the previous case, the Spectrum 2 case.

Weapon Skins

The two covert weapon skins in this case are for the M4A4 and the MP7. The M4A4 skin is called the Neo-Noir and features an artistic looking design. The MP7 is part of the Bloodsport series of skins with a black, white, and orange palate of colors, similar to the Asiimov skins. There are three Classified skins in this case, the AWP Mortis, the USP-S Cortex, and the AUG Stymphalian. The Mortis has a Southern American (think Aztec) sort of theme with a spectrum of darker colors and a serpent in the middle of the gun. The Cortex is the opposite featuring brighter pink and white colors with a graffiti style of art. The Stymphalian has a metallic sort of look with its shiny gold, brown, black, and gray colors and design. For the full list of skins in this case, visit CS:GO Stash.

Glove Skins

The Clutch Case will have some newly themed glove skins and designs. The 24 new glove skins will be part of 6 different types of gloves from Hydra Gloves, Specialist Gloves, Sport Gloves, Hand Wraps, Moto Gloves, to the Driver Gloves. Some gloves from previous cases can also be found in this case. Several hot new gloves from this case include the Specialist Gloves Fade, the Specialist Gloves Crimson Web, the Sport Gloves Amphibious, and the Hydra Gloves Case Hardened to mention a few. The Hydra Gloves feature a series of snakes on the top of the design with the gloves fingers cut off. The Specialist Gloves are full length gloves with the word Tortue printed on the top. The Sports Gloves feature flashy designs and are similar to ones used in skiing. Hand Wraps have a bandaged sort of look to them. Moto Gloves and Driver Gloves are similar to the Specialist Gloves with a few minor differences. The full list of gloves in this case is available here.

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