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The Sniper Rifles of PUBG


Photo Credit: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Sniping always has a special place in any first person shooter game and PUBG is no different. A good sniper in this game can turn the tides of any battle for his team and dominate the map to get a quick chicken dinner. Here is the quick overview on the snipers of PUBG.

Marksman Rifles (SKS, Mini-14, MK-14)

The SKS, Mini-14, and MK-14 form a special class of sniper rifles called marksman rifles, or single-shot rifles. To start off, the Mini-14 is the only sniper rifle in the game that uses 5.56 ammo. It has a low bullet drop velocity and a decent magazine size, making it an attractive alternative to using a M16 as a secondary. However, just like the M16, it can only take a muzzle and magazine attachment and is the lowest damage sniper rifle in the game. The SKS is the 7.76 marksman rifle that can be found on the map. It can take a total of four attachments, muzzle, grip, magazine, and a cheek pad, making a fully armed SKS a formidable weapon. The downside to using the SKS is its high recoil and the bullet drop off at longer ranges. The final marksman rifle, the MK-14 EBR, is only obtainable from drop crates and can be extremely devastating in the hands of an expert. It packs more damage than the SKS at the cost of higher recoil and can take a muzzle, magazine, and cheek pad attachments. One major difference from the other sniper rifles in the game is that the MK-14 has an automatic mode, making deadly at close ranges as well if the user can control its high recoil.

Bolt Action Sniper Rifles (Kar98, M24, AWM)

The Kar98 is the staple of any sniper in PUBG and is the only bolt action sniper rifle that can be found spawned on the map. It can take a muzzle attachment as well as either a cheek pad or bullet loops as its stock. Compared to the other bolt action sniper rifles, it deals considerably less damage, but a headshot to a level 1 or 2 helmet is still a guaranteed kill or knock with this weapon. The M24 is the next bolt action sniper rifle in the game and only available through air drops. It uses 7.76 ammunition and does significantly more damage than the Kar98. Against a level 3 helmet, it does about 95 damage, just short of downing an enemy. The final and strongest weapon in the game is AWM. As the only weapon in the game to use .300 Magnum ammo, it does significantly more damage than the M24. The AWP takes a muzzle, magazine, and a cheek pad as its attachments. It is the only weapon in the game that can one-shot an enemy at full health with a level 3 helmet. The only downside to the AWM is its limited ammo as only 20 shots come with the gun.

Class of Its Own (VSS)

The VSS is a niche sniper in PUBG that uses 9mm ammo. It comes with a 4x scope and a silencer making it extremely silent. It has both a single fire and auto fire firing mode, but the major drawback to the gun is its low damage.

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