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The Assault Rifles of PUBG


Photo Credit: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Rifles are part of every good PUBG players’ repertoire and it is important to know the difference between each one so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

5.56 Rifles

There are a total of four rifles that use 5.56 ammo in the game. These generally have lower recoil than their 7.62 counterparts and are able to take several attachments to make them fairly powerful. The M16A4 or M16 is the most common 5.56 rifle. It has virtually no recoil, has one of the fastest bullet velocities in the game, and is very consistent when used on single fire. The M16 can also be changed to burst fire to deal with close range combat. However, using a M16 has several major drawbacks. The gun only takes a muzzle and clip attachment and it cannot attach anything past a 4x scope. In close range combat, an automatic rifle will usually be able to outduel the M16 even on burst fire.

The SCAR-H is another 5.56 rifle and is probably one of the best assault rifles for beginners. The gun can be switched between single fire and automatic and has one of the lowest recoils for an automatic gun. The SCAR can take a total of three attachments, a muzzle, grip, and clip, and when fully decked out is very lethal. Several drawbacks to the SCAR are its slow firerate compared to other 5.56 guns and also its clunky iron sights.

The staple of almost all current top players is the M416 or M4. This gun is very similar to the SCAR aside from the fact that it can take a tactical stock attachment in addition to the muzzle, grip, and clip attachments. A fully equipped M4 has an extremely low recoil and a faster fire rate than the SCAR. The only downside is finding all the attachments to put on the gun.

The final 5.56 rifle is the AUG A3, a drop crate exclusive weapon. Being a crate weapon, the AUG is the best 5.56 gun at the moment and can take a muzzle, grip, and clip attachment.

7.62 Rifles

There are currently only two 7.62 rifles in the game. The primary 7.62 rifle is the AKM or AK47, one of the strongest rifles that can be found that’s not from a crate drop. The AK features significantly higher damage than its 5.56 counterparts with the obvious drawbacks being its higher recoil. Similar to the M16, the AK can only take a barrel and clip attachment making it a niche weapon for many players.

The other 7.62 rifle in the game is the crate exclusive, Groza. The Groza is an improved AKM with its lower recoil and higher rate of fire. A terror in any close range fight, the Groza holds the spot as the strongest AR in the game with the only drawback being that it can only take a Suppressor as its muzzle attachment.

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