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League of Legends Releases Arctic Ops Gragas Skin

Gragas fans should celebrate because League of Legends has finally released a new epic skin for the said champion. Arctic Ops Gragas will share the same theme with Arctic Ops Varus and Arctic Ops Kennen. The theme features the champions as operative members, attempting to finish a mission in an arctic region.

So without further ado, let’s check out Gragas new epic skin:


1350 RP

“Covert mission in progress.”

Arctic Opsis Riot’s new epic skin for The Rabble Rouser champion, Gragas. It features a reminder that flashes across his HUD as his fourth barrel explodes in a cloud of ice and powder.  With a hearty chuckle, the titanic operative lumbers through the decimated entrance. His feed can register 20 enemy heat signatures across the stronghold. Arctic Ops Gragas locates his mission objective 20 full-metal body slams later — a military-grade weapons cache.

So with cache secured, barrel planted, and timer set, Arctic Ops Gragas completes his mission. He returns to the rendezvous point unscathed. And with his mission complete, a confirmation will flash across his HUD. To celebrate, he’ll drink to that.


Gragas is a Vanguard champion known for his durability that allows him to shrug off incoming damage, efficiently disrupting enemy team during clash fights.

Vanguards are also offensive tanks, which makes Gragas an efficient initiator, leading the charge on team fights, gaining him the moniker “The Rabble Rouser.”

League of Legends is a free-to-download MOBA game from Riot Games for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops, as well as Mac OS devices. You can download it from League of Legends official website.

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